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    How to Plan a Shooting Sports Activity for Your Troop 

  1. As part of the developing the Troop calendar for the year, have the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) set a date that they want to participate in a shooting sports activity, with alternative dates in case the range is busy.  Be sure to check on the Council and District calendars to ensure there are no conflicts and Reserve the Range (Note: if you do your planning and schedule months in advance, you are more likely to get the dates you want).  Review the Shooting Sports Range and Equipment Application information.
  2. There is a fee for use of each range which includes council archery or firearms.  The fee for the rifle range is $100 for a half day.  This fee includes 8 rifles, eye and ear protection, range flag and a cleaning kit.  It does not include ammunition or targets.
  3. If your Troop does not have an NRA Instructor or you do not know one, contact first your District Shooting Sports Liaison (view names).  If that individual can't help contact Bill Bryson, Council Shooting Sports Chair; or Pablo Serna (archery) and ask if they can arrange an instructor of the selected date(s). Go to website for e-mail addresses.  At least a six week lead time is recommended for securing an instructor. Units will need both an NRA instructor and an NRA Range Safety Officer on the range.

    The Council Shooting Sports Committee schedules NRA Rifle and Shotgun Instructor Courses each year as well as a National Archery Association Basic Instructor course.  Consider having an adult from your Troop or a group of troops becoming certified so that you have a resource when you need one





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