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Documenting an NRA First Steps Rifle, Shotgun or Pistol Training or a First Steps/Merit Badge course.

Overview:  It is important to document your training classes at  By documenting the classes, it helps you maintain your certification and helps you meet one of the requirements to attend an NRA Training Counselor Workshop

Training Counselor Development Workshop

To be eligible to attend a Training Counselor Development Workshop, you need to be an NRA Certified Instructor for a minimum of 18 months, conducted a minimum of five NRA courses (as the lead trainer), have taught a minimum of 25 students, and successfully reported your training activity at

How Do I document training with scouts

1.     Go to and login

2.     Click on “Manage Training & Students.

3.     Next Click on Register New Course


4.     From the “Choose Course” drop down select the course you plan to teach.  If it is a rifle or shotgun merit badge course and you plan to teach using the NRA FIRST Steps/Merit Badge for Shotgun found in Appendix 1  or  the NRA FIRST Steps/Merit Badge for Rifle found in Appendix 2 from the BSA National Shooting Sports Manual select the appropriate FIRST Steps course. If you plan to teach a Venture Crew the NRA First Steps Pistol or the complete NRA Pistol Course, be sure to order student packets in advance of the class.

4.     From the “Choose Course; drop down select the course you plan


    In the course registration check “BSA only” and leave the other boxes blank.

    Be sure to list an assistant Instructor.

    After you have held the class, go back to and register each scout.  For safety purposes, list only their first name, the first letter of their last name, the address where the class was held, your phone number and your email ID.  Do not check “Share your personal information with NRA affiliates”.  Go ahead and check “I certify the information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge”.  Do this for each student.   

  • Last Updated 09/18/2016